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Can Smart Windows Operate Efficiently to Use Auto-Tint That Optimizes Outside Light?

They are more efficient, but at what cost? A Silicon Valley startup unveiled a smart window product that gives building designers a promising new tool and improves building efficiency. View (formerly called Soladigm) officially introduced its auto-tinting window system made … Continue reading

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Most Efficient Charities Picked by Forbes

Who deserves your charitable dollars? To help you decide, Forbes has calculated the financial efficiency of the 100 U.S. charities that received the most private donations last year. We’ve also picked five all-stars–charities that are reasonably efficient (compared to their … Continue reading

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Google Says Computer-controlled Drivers are Safer and More Efficient than Humans

In September, California’s governor Edmund Brown signed the bill that legalized autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars. Doing so wasn’t just about space-age headlines but a response to the findings of initial research by companies such as Google, which suggest computer-controlled … Continue reading

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