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Can Smart Windows Operate Efficiently to Use Auto-Tint That Optimizes Outside Light?

They are more efficient, but at what cost? A Silicon Valley startup unveiled a smart window product that gives building designers a promising new tool and improves building efficiency. View (formerly called Soladigm) officially introduced its auto-tinting window system made … Continue reading

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Conserve Water to Save Money

We need to take steps now to conserve water. The process of saving water is nothing new to those who haul water, but people that have a well or live on a water delivery system need to learn some techniques. … Continue reading

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Energy Efficient Technology Needs More Funding & Investment

A recent scientific study found that efficient end-use technologies are most likely to provide higher returns – and yet, when it comes to funding, they tend to get ignored. Currently, innovation efforts dwell on developing energy supply technologies, such as … Continue reading

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