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A Boost For Safe And Efficient Water Reuse

Amidst growing water scarcity and concern about the future availability and quality of water, a new GE consumer survey indicates that Americans strongly support reusing water to help the US drive economic competitiveness and protect the environment. Despite the ‘ick … Continue reading

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Do-it-Yourself Water Efficient Homes to Save Water at Home

Saving water in your home is easy and inexpensive. Try these three simple, do it yourself (DIY) ways to reduce your water use. 1. Install a faucet aerator. A faucet aerator is connected to the nozzle of the faucet and … Continue reading

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Small Lifestyle Changes to Live More Efficiently

Install a Low-Flow Shower Head Many of us are unlikely to shake up our morning shower routine by cutting our time spent waking up to glorious heat, but those looking to save water when they can without sacrificing their A.M. … Continue reading

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