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Solar-Electric Cars vs Biofuel Cars

It seems obvious to a person or decent scientific intellect like myself that solar-electric cars are more efficient than bio-fuel cars; however, the significant part of a recent study (click here for original) that determined that electricity generated by solar … Continue reading

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Google Says Computer-controlled Drivers are Safer and More Efficient than Humans

In September, California’s governor Edmund Brown signed the bill that legalized autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars. Doing so wasn’t just about space-age headlines but a response to the findings of initial research by companies such as Google, which suggest computer-controlled … Continue reading

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The Best Fuel Efficient Car – Totyota Prius C

I’m not getting paid for this, I’m simply excited about this car. It’s hard to believe that a car can actually achieve a 3.7 L/81 mpg city fuel economy rating. The Prius c is the best fuel-efficient vehicle – a … Continue reading

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