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Is Propane More Efficient Than Electricity?

To understand a major difference between propane and electricity, one must first know that propane is a primary energy source and electricity is a secondary energy source. Energy from propane is consumed directly in the home or business, but electricity … Continue reading

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Get the Best Gas Mileage MPGs

The best and most straightforward ways to consume less energy (gas) in order from easy to a little more attention. #1 Drive Less Make a commitment to drive less by walking to nearby destinations. It’s good for your health and … Continue reading

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Type of Car to Drive

If you aren’t transporting at least 4 people, get a small sedan. If you aren’t hauling shit everyday, don’t drive a truck. If you drive an SUV, you are a selfish arrogant asshole. If you drive a Hummer, you are … Continue reading

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