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Bill & Ted vs The Two Commandments

    A bit of levity after SCOTUS taking us back 100 years, Republicans siding with the thuggish-ways of Putin, and all of congress failing to protect its future and citizens with sane, logical and reasonable guns laws. Anyway, this came up whilst watching Bill & Ted’s Excellent adventure with my 6 year old trying to escape the self-destructive decisions of this country’s voters and the in-action of its people to do things in its own best interest.

    Hearing “party on and be excellent to each other” reminded me of the beautifully simplistic 2 commandments I began to follow in my teens… “be cool and don’t be an asshole.”

    Both are supremely efficient, but which is better?

    The two commandments: (1) Be Cool and (2) Don’t be an Asshole

    Two Commandments: Be cool - Don't be an asshole

    The Tao of Bill & Ted: (1) Party on (2) Be excellent to each other

    Tao of Bill and Ted

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