• Solar-Electric Cars vs Biofuel Cars
    It seems obvious to a person or decent scientific intellect like myself that solar-electric cars are more efficient than bio-fuel cars; however, the significant part of a recent study (click here for original) that determined that electricity generated by solar is more efficient than bio-fuels for powering cars is that the analysis considered many factors… Read More »Solar-Electric Cars vs Biofuel Cars
  • A Neat & Efficient House Design
    The article below is about a fantastic home design about a home that follows the sun to maximize solar efficiency. All that is takes to rotate this home is 28 wheels, two motors, and less power use than a light bulb. Dubbed Girasole for its ability to follow the sun, the four-bedroom home in northern… Read More »A Neat & Efficient House Design
  • Golf Mat to Practice Chipping
    I play golf. Yes, I know it is a very indulgent and water-wasteful sport. Actually it pollutes a lot too by way of fertilizers and emissions, which can easily be deduced my the mere cost of playing a round of golf or even hitting golf balls at a driving range. It’s getting better… I hope.… Read More »Golf Mat to Practice Chipping