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Jellyfish Wind Appliance

    What if you could plug into the wall, like a blender or a toaster, a wind appliance that generates renewable wind energy? The Jellyfish Wind Appliance is a new wind turbine (windmill) that anyone can install and is just $400, quiet, and safe.


    • Turn-key system
    • Plugs directly into an existing wall socket -no special wiring or expensive inverters
    • Small (36 inches tall) and can be mounted on rooftops, wind towers or street light poles
    • Can generate up to 40 kWh per month
    • Smart Grid enabled – works in tandem with the existing power grid and can actually send power to the grid giving you an energy (power) credit
    • Possible tax credits (local, state, federal)
    • Only 1 moving part – virtually maintenance free


    • Must live in windy geographic location
    • Needs periodic inspections to ensure proper working order
    • Does not provide back power (power storage) – like any nature-defendant, renewable energy source
    • Shuts down in very high winds automatically


    • How much energy can it realistically generate each month?
    • It takes about 7 years to re-coop energy costs but will the device (warranty) last that long?
    • Performance in high winds?
    • Can it be damaged in high winds?

    A good start. When combined with other smart or small-scale technologies (solar, hydro, geothermal, etc.), incremental energy savings from the devices can add up to a significant cost and energy savings. More available at Clarian Technologies.

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