Reuse Nasal Strips

SIMPLE! Breathe Right nasal strips or any generic brand of nasal strips can be reused at least 3 times, sometimes up to 5 times depending on a couple of factors. Before you put one on, all you have to do is wipe the area on your nose with some rubbing alcohol using a q-tip (generic brand hopefully) or a piece of tp. Be sure to let the excess alcohol evaporate off before you put on the strip. Otherwise, the alcohol will dissolve the adhesive on the strip. What this process does, it removes the oils from your nose, which would get onto the strip and neutralize the adhesive.

When you get up in the morning, carefully remove the nasal strip and place the nasal strip adhesive side up on the counter or in your vanity. To reuse the nasal strip, repeat the process with the rubbing alcohol, but when you apply the nasal strip to your nose, firmly pinch your nose pressing the sides inward for 10-15 seconds and breathe through your mouth.

Note that as you get into the 3-5 use range, you may need to bend the strip in the opposite flex-direction in order to refresh its ability to pull your nasal pages open.

1) Buy Johnson and Johnson 1-inch waterproof tape.
2) Take a used Breath Right strip and cut off the excess adhesive tape around the two strips (plastic, reflexive pieces that gives the strip its spring). Cut it as close as possible to the two plastic pieces.
3) Measure out 2 inches or the waterproof tape and place the used Breath Right strip sticky-side down onto the center of the tape (sticky to sticky).
4) Use this new strip for 1 night. It may be a little bulky and/or itchy, but it works.
5) The next night, peel the Breath Right strip off of the tape. The tape on the original Breath Right strip should peel off and stay on the waterproof tape.
6) Take a new 2-inch piece of waterproof tape and put the Breath Right strip down onto the center of the tape. The tape-side down onto the sticky side of the waterproof tape.
7) Use this strip for 1 night.
8) The next night (third night), peel the Breath Right strip off of the tape. The 2 plastic strips should stay on the adhesive tape.
9) Continue to reuse the 2 plastic strips on the adhesive tape.

Essentially, you will take the 2 plastic pieces from the original Breathe Right strip and reuse them for a long time. As needed, put the 2 plastic strips on a new strip of the waterproof tape. Each time you use them, they will be slightly bowed so flip them over the other way.

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10 Responses to Reuse Nasal Strips

  1. mars says:

    Thanks for this! We’ll try it tonight.

  2. admin says:

    Hey, our first comment! Glad people are making it to the website finally. Thank you.

  3. kubbnutz says:

    this poster says they’ve been using the same packet of 30 for a year!
    i am going to try this

  4. Evelyn Dota says:

    Thank you – very well explained. .

  5. x says:

    Ummmm… How can you carry out step 4 after having done step 3? Step 3 says to put “sticky to sticky”. That leaves no sticky surface to adhere to your nose.

  6. TheLearner says:

    If you dont find “Johnson and Johnson 1-inch waterproof tape”, you can try with “Hansaplast Soft Tape
    5m x 2,5cm”

    it work fine, for me.

  7. christopher says:


    great is the question…
    do you think there is some kind of “roll on” adhesive that I could just roll
    on the breathe right….to freshen up the adhesive quality of the breathe right….
    if it had some kind of cleaning action to it…that would be cool.

    anyway..i get your is very cleaver…

    but help me out here…

    i am a marketer…and i want to market a way to reuse breathe rights …quick and easy…

    either by rolling on an adhesive/ cleaning agent…

    or by maybe…sticking a strip of a sticky bad aid that re- adhesives the old breathe right

    cause they couls be used many many more times…and that would make a strong product…

    at least strong enough for breathe right to buy it out

    get back to me…

    you have done alot of prototype work here…

    i have marketed on tv before….

    650 679 0546

  8. Bill says:

    I’m experimenting along those lines. You might look at my comments at I had to post it as 5 separate comments due to the 500 character limit (and congenital long-windedness).

    If you come up with any suggestions or sources for something equivalent to the eyelash adhesive that I mention, please let me know.

    Also, you might note there is a guy selling BAX adhesive tape (with a 3M “medical grade adhesive) to make reuse easier–


  9. sara says:

    i have been using a skin prep pad which I use to secure a medical device to my stomach…..i rub it on my nose, and then on the back of the used strip…let it get tacky for a few seconds, then put it on. Have to hold it squeezed for about a minute to insure it is dry…but then it sticks better than the original adhesive….

  10. Fred Hanks says:

    A video posted back in 2007 shows very clearly how to make your own:

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