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Foamy Hand Soap & Dish Soap Foam

You know that fancy, foamy hand soap you now see in the stores? Yeah, the ones with the pretty colors and sleep shaped bottles. Unfortunately, you are getting less for more money. It’s just another bait & switch, marketing tactic. Sure the ready made foam is indeed handy and does indeed gets the suds way up when washing hands or dishes, but the soap itself is super diluted in order to allow it to pass through the pump and aerate the soap.

Here’s what you do… If you don’t already have one, buy one of the foamy hand soap thingies, as well as another large economy size of generic/unbranded dish soap. When you are buying the cheap generic/unbranded dish soap, be sure to get the regular stuff and not any of the fancy stuff. When you are done with the foamy dish soap in the original container, re-fill it with the cheap stuff but fill it up only 1/5 (20%). Top it off with water, close it and shake vigorously. And there you have it. That economy size will last you a year!

Oh, be sure to recycle any of those economy-sized plastic bottles you may go through.

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