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Food Reality Check

Americans overwhelmed by a glut of nutritional suggestions may have hope. The food industry is searching for a new way to standardize such information. The University of Washington’s Adam Drewnowski has created his own 100-point system for rating food, which may find its way to your grocery shelves soon.

Adam Drewnowski is a nutritional experts who has devised food rating systems referred to by Michael Pollan. He hopes his 100-point system will make its way to supermarkets and that every price tag will include a number representing the food’s ratings, or nutrient profile. Similar systems are already used in Europe, where future regulations will prevent low scoring foods from making positive health claims on the package.

American nutritionists have created competing systems. Some, for instance, use letter grades, and large grocery chains have expressed interest in adding one system or another to their shelves sometime soon.

Shoppers confront a barrage of health claims that are nearly impossible to weigh against one another.

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