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Evironmentally Friendly Shave / Eco Shave

The whole shaving products consumerism is ridiculous with manufacturers offering 3, 4, 5 blades. The consumer and environmental cost of those products is increasing exponentially. The EPA estimates that over 2 billion disposable razors end up in landfills every year in the US.

Consumer Cost
Gillette’s latest Fusion is $12. For 8 Gillette Fusion replacement cartridges… $24.95. Creams, lotions, gels, etc. can range from $3 to ridiculous.

Environmental cost
The latest batch of razors are filled with un-needed plastic components and plastic packaging. The cartridges you throw away include multiple blades and a platic case. Each pack of blades comes with a plastic holder. Many shaving creams come in pressurized cans are environmentally unfriendly that are tough to recycle.

The Answer
It’s not using expensive, pop-culture recycled razors. We can’t keep on consuming more just because it is recycled. The answer is to reduce and reuse… only recycle in the end if you have leftover recyclable materials. The real answer, for now, is to buy old fashioned safety razor handles. It is all the technology you need starting around $6. The handle is designed to last for decades, and the platinum-coated blades stay sharp for weeks with less razor burn and nicks and a closer, smoother shave. Packs of 100 double edged razor blades start around $10. Though not recyclable, the thin strip of metal is 90% smaller than a disposable cartridge and a thousand times smaller than a plastic razor destined for the trash. Safety razors are comfortable and easy to change blades. The blades are usually paper wrapped in a small cardboard box. You only throw away the metal blade so there is a huge saving on waste. In the end, the blades give a good shave and will not give you razor rash if you use soap. Yes, just basic soap with natural (not synthetic) oils.

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