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Swiffer Alternative

I’ve always had a Swiffer in my place (dry and wet), even if it were the cheaper, generic alternative. And so I’ve always been uncomfortable with the constant consumption and waste of the disposable items.

I gave up on the duster. Just the notion of dusting is ridiculous because it really just redistributes 75% of the junk you think you are picking up. But I kept my wet-mop thingie. Never bought refills and was proud to take a hand towel, spray the floor directly or soak the bottom with a simple vinegar cleaning solution to mop floors, whether it be quick or a good, hard, detailed cleaning. Re-using hand towels is great and highly recommend this alternative to buying and throwing away more Swiffers.

I did come across another recent alternative online: Microfiber. I do not no much about it (cost, material make up or environmental impact), so any feedback or comments would be appreciated.

Like a hand towel, it is reusable and can be used wet or dry. I have one yet (not sure) but here’s a tip I read: Don’t use fabric softener when you clean the mop head or it will kill the absorbency. I don’t use or agree with toxic fabric softener anyway.

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