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Reuse Plastic Ware

We have reached a point in our society where apparently the effort/price/cost (all synonyms for each other) to extract oil from the ground, ship it to a refinery, turn it into plastic, shape that plastic, ship it to a store, promote it so that a consumer will buy it, drive it home, use it 1-time, throw it away, have it picked up amongst other trash (hopefully not much) by a large truck, transported to a hole in the earth, and then burry it is less effort than washing the plastic spoon to reuse it a second time.

And don’t say it is a trade between the energy usage versus water usage. It is clearly not. The water used in the logistics outlined above far exceed the water used to wash the damn thing.

So reuse plastic ware and you’ll save lots of good land (landfills) and tons of money by not buying dinner hardware that you’ll use once a year and might break very easily. If you are in an office, reuse the plastic ware that might be provided by washing it or bringing it home. Recycle it if you must only as a last resort, but especially if your office does not. To recycle plastic ware you may need to find special recycling centers or drop off locations for the various types. You can locate them at One other thing… reuse plastic cups in the office or bring your own reusable, hardware coffee cup.

5 thoughts on “Reuse Plastic Ware”

  1. I believe most is No. 6 = the only type of plastic not recycled in the city of Chicago. I’m trying to find a place where I can recycle my plastic ware (I try to reuse it as much as possible, but right now I have accumulated enough plastic ware for a small army). The above link does not resolve my dilemma. I believe I will have to send it out of state, unless someone sees this and has a use for a large collection of plastic ware?


  2. hi Efficient Life Madmin,
    you forgot one thing.scratched plastic can hold germs,why do think we use stainless steel?recycle plastic or as a paint tray for example.And try not to buy stuff with plastic
    yeah hard to do……sean

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