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Check Your Bills & Accounts Every Month

This used to be a monthly, weekly, even daily chore for people just 10-15 years ago, but as our day-to-day lives speed up many just accept the speedy flow of funds in and out of their accounts. Not only do you need to balance your accounts with receipts, but you need to look over utility bills and any other monthly expense you incur. It’s amazing how egregious some companies are at slipping in extra charges or making “key errors”.

This author has personally saved hundreds every year by checking for over-charges, double-charges and even the extra tip here and there. Then again, if you are the type that is oblivious to this systematic problem in our digital world, then you are so affluent that you don’t care or unfortunately too ignorant to realize this is one of the many ways money is pulled from our pockets every day. Either way, you don’t care about living an efficient life. Your bad.

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